The purity of nature, the precision of science.™

Cannabis Oil Syringe

The cannabis oil in Firelands Scientific’s Cannabis Oil Syringe is created from our sungrown plants through a clean extraction process that retains much of the plant’s original phytochemical profile. Oleoresin, which consists of essential oils, terpenoids, cannabinoids and any other resin is extracted from plant matter using temperature, CO2, and pressure. These naturally derived plant components are then carefully measured and brought back together in precise, unique formulations developed by our experienced extraction team to offer a consistent experience.


Broad Spectrum
Cannabis Oil

Extraction Method

(Carbon Dioxide)


For vaporization

Offered In

Terpene-rich, no additives.
Formulated with only with cannabinoids and terpenes, Firelands Scientific’s Cannabis Oil Syringe is always free of fillers and cutting agents, ensuring you always have the most authentic cannabis experience possible.

High-quality syringe and plunger.
Firelands Scientific’s borosilicate glass syringe is accompanied with: a 16-gauge needle for better delivery, Luer lock tip for preservation and storage, and a plunger made from stainless steel to avoid negative interaction with terpene chemistries.