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Cannabis Oil Vape Pen

Cannabis Oil
All-in-One Rechargeable Vape Pen

Combined with our Broad Spectrum cannabis oil—made only from cultivar-specific cannabinoids and terpenes—the Firelands Scientific Cannabis Oil All-in-One Rechargeable Vape Pen provides a flavorful and consistent experience to administer high-quality cannabis medicine.


Broad Spectrum
Cannabis Oil

Extraction Method

(Carbon Dioxide)


For vaporization

Cannabis Oil Vape Pen
Offered In

Sleek and convenient.
This new disposable vape cartridge is a sleek and convenient vaporization device made with:
-A durable, borosilicate glass oil tank
-Breath-activated buttonless battery
-Micro-USB charging port (micro-USB charger included)

Best-in-class vaporization.
-Built with a ceramic coil indirect heating element to preserve flavor
-Absorbent, organic cotton—for no wasted oil
-Battery overcharge protection