The purity of nature, the precision of science.™
Firelands Scientific

Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift our patients and customers with high-quality, sustainably produced medicine. While we pursue this mission, we are constantly guided by our values – they are the internal compass that remains at the core of everything we do at Firelands Scientific.

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We are Respectful

We are Respectful

  • We are honored and humbled to serve our patients and customers.
  • We are serious about our job but lighthearted about our day.
  • We are all individuals. We are kind to and respectful of each other and appreciate each other’s quirks. We trust, support, and believe in each other.
  • We all rely on “two ears and one mouth” to engage in constructive dialogue to reach conclusions and move forward together.

We are Leaders

We are Leaders

  • We take ownership. Everyone is a leader.
  • We know that true leaders inspire other leaders, not followers.
  • We approach every new day, every new task as a new opportunity to lead and help others lead.
  • We keep our commitments and communicate diligently when we can’t.

We are Innovators

We are Innovators

  • We aim high and set bold goals to further our mission and impact.
  • We lead our industry to set standards for products that are scientifically researched, sustainably produced, and affordable to our customers.
  • We know that our success depends on continuous improvement and learning.

We are Constantly Honing our Greatness for Good

We are Constantly Honing our Greatness for Good

  • We are committed to building a stable, sustainable business that can be a force for good in the World and that our team, patients and customers can depend upon over time.
  • We are growing people, striving to create fulfilling careers for our team and successful outcomes for our patients and customers.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure the success of our patients, our customers, our local communities and stakeholders and our environment.
  • We support our local communities and share our success and passion with our neighbors and our team members.

Proud to be a B Corp

Our vision is to harness cannabis and sustainable business practices as a force for good in the world.

A commitment to all people…

• Starting wages are 40% higher than the industry average, starting with a livable wage for all team members and full health benefits plans.

• Committed to growing careers and people, Firelands Scientific sponsors a 401k Plan with a generous company match available to all team members.

• Firelands Scientific is committed to providing healthy options for its patients; Sun Bites TM gummies are natural and gluten free and vape cartridge components are lead free.

One of our main focuses at Firelands Scientific is the investment in people; from our community to our team members, Firelands ensures that cannabis can be used as a force for good.

A commitment to the environment…

• Natural sunlight is leveraged via the uniquely designed all-glass controlled environment greenhouse to reduce the need for supplemental lighting and electricity.

• Over 66% of the light energy delivered to manufacturing facilities comes from the sun.

• The company’s closed loop hydroponic water system with zero run-off reduces water consumption and eliminates the need to send processed water back into the public water system.

• In collaboration with a local nursery, we’ve diverted over 150 tons of organic waste from landfills, instead sending it to compost to be used in local lawn and gardens to grow more plants!

We’ve set a goal of achieving a “Net Zero” energy, water and waste footprint across our operations by 2030.

Just one of example of our team taking advantage of Firelands Sciientific "Give Back Days"™ to help clean up our local communities. This photo was taken at Huntington Beach during one of our "Beach Clean-Up Days" organized with the help of the Cleveland Metro Parks.

A commitment to the Community…

• We organized a company-wide Sunshine Committee that is responsible for identifying stakeholder engagement, coordinating with local partners and expanding our opportunities to “Uplift Others” in our local community and those of our stakeholders.

The Sunshine Committee supports employees’ wish list of giving. From the Cleveland Metroparks to Habitat for Humanity and the Arbor Day Foundation, our team members spend work and personal time helping organizations and people who are also committed to helping one another and the environment.

• On Giving Tuesday (December 3, 2019), we donated 10% of all product sales to Project Noelle, a Sandusky-based nonprofit dedicated to helping innocent children in Northeast Ohio who have suffered from the opioid crisis. Additionally, Firelands Scientific employees came together to donate presents for 38 children in need.

The Sunshine Committee identified a need among our regional first responders for hand sanitizer and other PPE, and we jumped at the chance to collaborate with our supply chain partners on a solution that was additive to the efforts of others. We are proud that our team was able to distribute hand sanitizer to our valued dispensary partners, as well as several fire, EMS, and police departments in the region.

For the past two years, our Sunshine Committee has been working with Project Noelle to support the organization's efforts. This photo was taken during Firelands' 2020 Easter Basket Drive that helped supply 38 children with filled Easter Baskets!