The purity of nature, the precision of science.™


Our Firelands Scientific Dablicator is filled with your favorite FiSci 100% solventless, full-spectrum live rosin oil. Medicine should be easy to use, and the Dablicator makes dispensing your live rosin oil easy and convenient! 

Just twist, click and dispense  A precise dose every time!  


For Vaporization Only


Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Extraction Method

Solventless Press

How To Use:

  • Remove cap. 
  • Twist up to dispense. 
  • Twist down to retract oil from tip.


  • Decarboxylated 100% solventless full spectrum live rosin oil.  
  • Bi-directional twist-up dosage selector.  
  • Heat resistant metal Direct Dab Tip for direct application.  
  • Precision dosing.  

Care and Storage: 

  • Store upright. 
  • Snap-on cap that protects tip and prevents leakage. 

*Note: Per Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) regulations, cannabis concentrates may not exceed more than 590 milligrams of THC per whole day unit (WDU). Additionally, THC must make up no more than 70% of the cannabis product’s total composition.

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