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Luster Pod

Our Firelands Luster Pod contain premium, CO2 extracted cannabis oil and strain specific cannabis derived terpenes. Luster Pods are a great way for patients to experience their favorite FiSci strains in a unique way. 


For Vaporization Only


Full Spectrum Sungrown Flower

Extraction Method


Luster Pod from CCELL technology.  

Luster Pod Features:  

  • Breath Activated 
  • Integrated Mouthpiece 
  • Ceramic Heating Elements 
  • Secure, Discreet Magnetic Connection to the rechargeable, Luster Pod CCELL Battery.  

Care Suggestions

  • Luster pod cartridges are recommended to be used with CCELL Luster Batteries for the best performance, flavor and potency. Always remove the luster pod prior to recharging the battery device, charging can take up to 60 minutes to complete. A micro-USB charger is included with each CCELL Luster Battery purchase.  
  • When not in use, please keep the Luster Pod and Luster Pod Device upright to prevent leaking and/or flooding of the device.  

Troubleshooting Tips:  

  • Keeping the magnetic contact points on the CCELL Luster Pod and Device clean ensure maximum performance. These contact points can be cleaned with a cotton swab lightly moistened in rubbing alcohol.  
  • The CCELL Luster Device (Battery) can be charged with a micro—USB cable. A full charge will be indicated by the LED light turning off once charging is complete. Please only use CCEELL Luster power supplies (micro-USB charger) to charge Luster Pod Devices.

*Note: Per Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) regulations, cannabis concentrates may not exceed more than 590 milligrams of THC per whole day unit (WDU). Additionally, THC must make up no more than 70% of the cannabis product’s total composition.

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